Why should your insight come from social media instead of surveys?

Strip social media data back to its bare bones, and you’ll see what makes it unique.

There are 3 qualities that set it apart from the data you get from surveys, interviews or focus groups.

Qualities that create unique value in how we understand people and markets.

Qualities that demand its position in our insight toolkit.

So, what are these three qualities…?

1. Hidden Lives

People don’t talk to researchers the way they talk to each other.

But they do on social media.

These more natural conversations reveal new truths about people’s lives and what makes them tick.

2. Hidden Moments

The moment it happens is hidden from the usual tools of research (surveys and groups).

Social data uncovers these moments of action, experience and emotion – helping you capture what really matters.

3. Hidden Influence

What people see on social media shapes their choices, opinions and behaviours.

Understanding these influences makes it clear how you can become part of their decision-making journey.

So what?

When everyone has access to the normal tools of market research, you need something they don’t have.

Because this is how you grow your brand, find new customers and master market innovation.

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