What makes our approach different?

What makes us stand out? 

Two simple ideas.  

1. People don’t talk to researchers in the same way they talk to each other.

But they do on social media. 

That’s it. Pretty straightforward.

Traditional market research puts people into an artificial scenario. You survey people about what you’re interested in. They try to remember an answer. 

So we’ve turned to social to understand what people themselves are interested in.

It’s natural, raw and unplugged conversations people actually want to have, where they talk in the way they naturally do. It lets us see how they felt in the moment. It’s a chance to get to the heart of what really matters.

This is powerful stuff. By getting under the skin of people’s real struggles, we helped the British Red Cross understand how people really talk about loneliness

Loneliness isn’t something you might want to discuss with your loved ones, let alone a researcher. But social gave people the chance to post anonymously about how they’re feeling in the moment, unfiltered and unprompted.  

That’s what gives social data its edge. 

2. People are best at understanding people.

For us, humans come first – they’re not an afterthought. We use people to understand people. 

This approach means we see what others miss – the emotions, experiences and context that drives people’s attitude and behaviours.

Stuff you can’t get by plugging data into a computer. 

There’s an orthodox view that approaching social data with qualitative methods is too hard. That it takes too long and takes too much effort. 

Our job is to make it easy. 

Once we’ve used our tech to collect a broad, neutral data set, we’ll leave the computers alone and get humanity in. 

Our analysts create a thematic code frame that lets them systematically read and analyse relevant conversations, images and videos. Our code frame interprets, structures and finds meaning in thousands of posts. 

This approach combines quant numbers with qual depth. It goes big on the data and deep on the detail. 

So what makes us stand out is that we analyse people talking as they normally would, but on a global scale. 

Then we use other people to make sense of those conversations. 

It’s what lets us help global brands get closer to the people that matter to them

It’s what lets us understand what it means to be a person. 

That’s the Listen + Learn difference.

By: Ankit Kapoor 

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