Hashtag spotlight – #ThinPrivilege

TikTok is so much more than dance videos (although those are great too!).

It’s vast, having become the world’s most popular entertainment app. And It’s a place of expression – and so a great source of consumer insight.

The topic of #ThinPrivilege, pulling more than 20 million views, is very topical, passionate and especially keenly discussed in the US and UK.

The videos argue that the average or ‘straight’ sized people are inherently privileged due to the fact that society is well-adapted to their body size. Examples include sizes of seats on planes, restaurant chairs and the sizes in clothing stores.


5 EXAMPLES OF THIN PRIVILEGE THAT HAPPEN DAILY!!! #thinprivilege #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #healthateverysize #fatphobia

♬ original sound – Laura Ghiacy

The topic gives us an interesting glimpse into changing consumer expectations. Will there be size choices in restaurant bookings in the future perhaps?

Another theme that emerges in the #Thinprivilege is the issue of body-shaming. They comment on and highlight the contrast between average-sized people being praised for indulging in various foods (just ‘living life to the fullest’) versus larger individuals being berated in the comments section or in public spaces for doing the same. The consensus is that a wider representation of bodies is clearly needed in the public sphere.


#stitch with @cole_abbie @drjoshuawolrich interesting comment section here. #thinprivilege #fatphobia #healthdoesnotequatethin #xlfam #fyp

♬ original sound – Leah XL Channel

Some videos almost resemble philosophical debates: are thin privilege and body shaming same thing, are we indeed ‘privileged’ if we can sit down on a plane with ease, and if so, how can we ethically justify not altering society’s norms to fit a more and more common body type? Should society adapt to what are often considered ‘unhealthy’ body standards? Is not fitting into a seat the same as being discriminated against, and is fitting into said seat indeed ‘privilege’?

Big questions, but they’re been keenly and very seriously debated on TikTok of all places.

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