Staff Spotlight – Filipe, Senior Analyst

In our Staff Spotlight serieswe get up-close and personal with the members of the Listen + Learn Research team to find out who they are and what their job roles involve.

Where are you from and where are you based?

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal I grew up in different cities and countries. I’m now based in Coimbra, Portugal.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day for me involves reading reports, analysing data, coding while listening to classic FM (or something “heavier” depending on my mood) and giving a helping hand when something needs to get done.

What’s the most challenging thing about being a senior analyst?

Making sure you fully understand the task description and what the client wants. Thankfully we have a great team of skilled research managers that guide us through the whole process and are always there to answer any questions that might arise.

What makes Listen and Learn Research different from other places you’ve worked?

The flexibility and work culture. At LLR you feel like you’re part of the team and not just a number. Everyone is helpful and kind. 

What advice do you have for prospective Listen and Learn Research candidates?

Work hard, be kind and don’t stress.

What is your secret to making progress each day?

I always tell my friends that “you should work to live and not live to work” so with that in mind I try to live one day at the time and focus on the task at hand.

Can you share a funny expression/proverb in your language?

“Among the blind a one-eyed man is king”. 

What children’s character do you relate to most and why?

Wall-E! I love how that little guy keeps going and doesn’t lose heart when the whole world around him is messed up.

What is something people don’t know about you?

I have recorded and co-produced 3 albums with a Grammy award-winning recording artist.


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