We use Social Insight to
answer three big questions.
How can you:
  1. Get the right insight to develop a winning strategy?
  2. Deliver the best possible customer experience?
  3. Tell your story in the most compelling way?
Create the right strategy
Inspire your strategic thinking, awareness and planning
Brand perception

People are talking about your brand on social. They’re reacting to what you do, what you say and what you stand for.

We’ll help you see if you’re connecting with your audience. We’ll help you understand what really matters to people, what’s changing and where the opportunities are.

Competitor Intelligence

People also talk about your competitors.

What they’re doing and what people think of them – the good, the bad and the ugly.

We’ll help you see who’s getting noticed on social – and what this means for you.

Market landscaping

Market forces and societal shifts play out on social media.

We can tap into these to discover the big issues you need to be aware of.

We’ll help you understand these disruptive forces and see how you can be successful in new markets.

Audience insights
Audience insights

Find the people who matter most, now and for tomorrow.

Understand what they care about, what makes them tick. What brings people together and what divides them.

Develop unique social personas – rich with insight on their attitudes, beliefs, values, needs, emotions and behaviours.

Innovation + Trends

New things often start on social.

We can use this to help you identify, understand and track emerging consumer trends. Uncover frustrations and unmet needs.

See how you can benefit from what’s happening at the fringe.

Meaning + purpose

People want more from brands.

They want to know what they stand for. It’s not enough to just do. Brands need to be.

We can help you understand the underlying issues, concerns, hopes and ambitions of a market – so you can align your purpose with the desires of your audience.

Deliver the right experience
Improve the experience for your customers, employees and other stakeholders
Product + Service

Social is where people find recommendations and reviews.

It’s an incredibly powerful source of insight into how people actually use your products or services.

We can use this to help you understand how you’re performing, what’s working or what’s letting you down, and how you compare to the competition.

Customer Services

@brandname is the first port of call for many.

These are your customers telling you how they feel.

We can help you use this data (whether it’s Tweets or survey comments) to understand what’s working and what could be improved – practically and emotionally.

Employee engagement

Lots of firms survey their employees. Few have the time to read all of their replies. Shame. This is where the magic is.

We can help you get a better understanding of your most important asset – your people.

Understand what drives engagement, retention and recommendation, and what could be undermining it.

Tell the best story
Know who to talk to, what to say, and where to start the conversation
Creative development

The most powerful creative work connects brands to the essence of life.

Social insights can connect creative teams with this essence – helping them understand what it means and what really matters.

Where other techniques can bias or lead, social insight reveals the raw side of life.

We’ll help your creative work connect – by helping you know what to say and how to say it.


Audience targetting

Social is where people choose to go to follow their interests and passions.

As it’s all in the public domain, you can see where they go – taking the guesswork out of finding your audience.

We’ll help you understand the different social and digital journeys people go on. So you can be there for them, with the right content, at the right time.

This can improve your click-through rates and reduce your cost of acquisition.

Services - visual identity
Visual identity

Images can speak louder than words. They reveal what’s interesting enough to capture, things we can’t find the words to say and what we may not realise we noticed.

We turn images into insights that will help you see what catches people’s eye, what’s ‘Instagram-able’ and why.

This will help you understand how your brand is positioned, while also helping your creative teams communicate with greater relevancy and impact.

Influence + influencers

Influencers have a clear impact on how and what people buy and do.

We can help you understand the role different influencers play in shaping opinion and intent.

We can help you find the right ones (that support your purpose), understand them, and profile them. So that you can understand the influence they’re having and how to engage with them more effectively.


Campaign evaluation

Your campaign is leaving a trace in social, one we can use to help evaluate the results.

You’ve already got the ‘what’ from the metrics, we can give you ‘why’ to explain its impact. Has it shifted brand perceptions, did it achieve its goals?

This can make your brand tracking more meaningful, and help you see what’s actually changing perceptions.