We specialise in drawing business-changing insights from social data (comments from social media, questionnaires etc.). Because it lets people tell you how they really feel. And if you give people that freedom, they’ll always surprise you.

What’s the best way to find out what you don’t know?

Identifying HOW customers think about your brands, products and services and what influences them can be extremely valuable for marketers and agencies who are looking to improve their customer experience and come up with new creative campaign ideas.


Understanding human behaviouir
Category + consumer insights
Relations between consumers and brands
Customer experience
Evaluate marketing effectiveness
Creative inspiration
Innovation + NPD
Social benchmarking

We reveal what consumers really think about when it comes to your brand, products or services and the broader category.

Unprompted, natural customer stories to provide a new level of insight.

Here are some of the questions we’ve helped some great brands answer:

  • What frustrations are there in our category?
  • Can we find unmet needs from frustrations?
  • How do we compare to our competitors?
  • Where do people go to find solutions to their problems?
  • How are consumers reacting to our new product or service?
  • How are our competitors innovating?
How do people feel?

We’ll help you find out exactly where you create delight or pain in the customer experience.

Inspiring improvements in service and NPS.

Here are some examples of the questions we’ve helped answer:

  • Why don’t new guests come back?
  • Why is our NPS declining?
  • What do consumers see about us online?
  • How do we turn ‘like’ into ‘love’?
  • Is our website good enough?
  • How are our strategic choices impacting our customers?
How people interact with each other

We let you step into another world, to see the life through a different pair of eyes.

Insights for innovation, content and creative campaigns, which hit the right note with your audience.

  • What makes men angry when driving?
  • What’s it like having an incurable disease?
  • What makes a good night out?
  • How do people see water?
  • How do people feel about their hair?
  • Why are people interested in energy?
  • How can we better brief our creative agencies?
How people interact with brands

Using our social learning approach, we track and understand how consumer stories change over time helping our clients keep an eye on their brand perception, CX, creative performance and the competition.

We help marketing and research teams understand:

  • What emotional impact did our campaign have?
  • How do people talk about us / our competitors?
  • Do our campaigns reflect real consumer interests?
  • Did we change how people perceive us?
  • What impact did our campaign have on social media?
  • Did we shift the conversation?
If you listen to consumers talking naturally (without a researcher present) you’ll get a genuine snapshot of how people interact with your products and services on a daily basis. This gives you a chance to see what works, what excites and what frustrates.