We use Social insight to
answer three big questions.
How can you:
  1. Get the right insight to develop a winning strategy?
  2. Deliver the best possible customer experience?
  3. Tell your story in the most compelling way?
Develop your strategic thinking, awareness and planning
Brand analysis
People are talking about your brand on social. Understand what's important to you.
Competitor analysis
See how your competitors are talked about on social. Understand the implications and spot the opportunities.
Market analysis
Compare the performance of brands in a market or across countries. SWOT analysis, opportunity mapping.
Audience insights
Audience insights
Build personas; develop a deep understanding of attitudes, opinions, emotions and intent.
Innovation + Trends
Discover unmet needs and frustrations. Identify, understand and track emerging consumer trends.
Meaning + purpose
Understand life and what it means to people. See what they really care about.
Improve the experience for your customers, employees and other stakeholders
Product + Service
Understand and evaluate how your product or service is performing in-market. Compare and benchmark against your competition domestically or internationally.
Customer Services
Understand what it really feels like to be your customers and the role you play in their lives. Understand what’s working and what could be improved – emotionally and practically.
Employee engagement
Get a better understanding of your most important asset – your people. Understand what drives engagement and retention and what could be undermining it.
Know who to talk to, what to say, and where to start the conversation
Creative development
Understand the concepts, images and words that resonate. Know what to say, how, where and when. Learn how to appeal to new audiences and reconnect with old ones.
Channel optimisation
Understand how people use the web and social to get informed and connect with people like them. Use this to optimise your media and SEO strategy.
Influence + influencers
Understand the role different influences and influencers play in shaping opinion and intent in your market. Find them, understand them, profile them, so that you can engage with them more effectively.
Campaign evaluation
Evaluate the impact of your messaging and campaigns. Understand how they are being recognised, talked about, shared and acted on. See how campaigns shape brand perceptions