The question

The Money Advice Service (MAS) wanted to get a different view on how people talk about and deal with their money.

Our approach

We examined a broad range of social media to find conversations about money. We looked at people who were managing it well and those having difficulties. This helped us identify the characteristics of different groups of people, how they managed their finances and how in control of their own cash flow they felt.

The answer

Our findings helped build MAS’s knowledge of people’s relationship to money. These insights provided inspiration and guidance for their product development team and gave them a framework for evaluating impact.

“Listen & Learn delivered a platform of insight that helped us understand how people really think and talk about money. The team’s experience of social listening research helped us design an online experience that truly met the varied needs of 17 million people. Traditional research had provided a good platform but we needed to go much further.”

Guy Shone / Head of Customer + Market Insight