The question

Warner Leisure Hotel’s focus on the retired market, with a choice of 13 locations, great food and lively entertainment attracts thousands of loyal guests each week. Naturally, they’re serious about improving – with guest feedback a vital part of this learning process. But until now, they’ve largely ignored the elephant in the room, TripAdvisor.

Our approach

For Warner, TripAdvisor dominates the online space. Search for a hotel and you’ll find it within the top three results, just under Warner itself. They needed to see what guests see when they’re using the internet to plan their next break.

We turned thousands of fragmented and disconnected conversations into a coherent, holistic picture of how guests see them online. We examined patterns across the data, identifying what’s salient in the guest experience.

The answer

This has transformed TripAdvisor from one-off engagement, into a source of insight for strategic and operational improvement.