How Hive uses social data for product development

The question

Building on its success in the Smart Home market, Hive was looking for opportunities to reach other areas of the connected home. They had no shortage of ideas, but needed some help to evidence and prioritise.

Our approach

We had a clear aim for this work, to give them the insights they needed to make the right “go / no go” decisions. So, we took thousands of reviews from the US and UK across a number of product categories. Reading a sample of the data enabled us to build an analytical framework, based on actual experience. We then read thousands of reviews, applying this framework, before analysing the results. This let us evidence what’s working in the market and what’s not. What the hygiene factors were and what new products need to do to impress.

The answer

Discussing the results with our client was eye-opening. Of course, they’d been keeping an eye on the reviews, but not in such a broad or systematic way. This gave them the evidence they needed to work out what should be the minimum viable product (MVP) for each of the categories they were working on. It moved the conversation beyond conjecture, enabling a more evidenced set of decisions. We continue to work with them to explore new opportunities in other product categories.

“Listen and Learn have been a real strategic insights partner to the Hive business and a pleasure to work with. Always ready to discuss a knotty issue, Jeremy and the team have thoughtful and relevant ideas and approaches to share and stretch out thinking beyond traditional methods which is so useful when exploring niche areas and topics. Our work on new product development, in particular, has been significantly enhanced by their insights.” Lara Meyer, Head of Research & Insights