How ZeusJones uses social to invent the future

The question

ZeusJones is a strategy, creative and design agency in Minneapolis, inventing the future by creating brands, products and experiences that move culture forward.

We’ve been working with them for the last few years, helping add human truth from social data to their design and strategy projects.

Our approach

Some of our most interesting collaborations have been to delve deeper into different parts of life: from business influencers to diversity and inclusion, and into the world of ‘social good’.

What these different projects have in common is a focus on exploring and understanding complex areas of life. The outcomes have helped their creatives and planners understand the potential in each of these situations, which they’ve then used to help their customers imagine a new future.

The answer

“Gathering a current snapshot of cultural views, attitudes and perceptions — like our partner Listen and Learn does through social listening — helps us to better contextualize the problem we’re solving and identify unmet needs. This cultural context, in combination with unmet consumer or business needs, allows us to work with our clients to create a more human future.” Katie Iwanin, Senior Strategist