How X keeps on top of emerging global cultural trends

The question

Social media has made it harder for brands to get away with being tone-deaf, culturally irrelevant, clumsy or simply pay lip service to the issues people care about.

It’s become more important for them to align what they do, how they are and what they believe with the personal and cultural expectations of those they seek to serve.

X (formerly Twitter) is at the heart of What’s Happening. Culture is shaped on the platform through millions of public conversations every day. So X wanted to better understand what significant trends could be identified by analysing conversation on the platform, that could help brands stay ahead of culture as it forms.

One particular challenge was how to explore trends across cultures, and that’s where Listen & Learn came me.

Our approach

X had identified 18 broad global trends.

The opportunity was to see to what extent these trends were reflected in the French conversation on X, and how they might need to be further developed to reflect life in France.

Using a combination of social analysis, volumetrics and deep human analysis of the social conversation we created a detailed source material, new insights and corroborating evidence to help X support its brand and agency partners in France.

The answer

“Listen and Learn really helped us identify relevant themes in France from our global trends work and explore new areas for the market.

They understood the problem, were incredibly methodical in their approach, and brought local expertise to their analysis”

/ Sara Picazo, Head of EMEA Ad Research