How Whitbread learnt to harness the employee voice

The question

After a period of reorganisation across Whitbread, the HR Insights team needed to better understand the impact of this on key roles across the business. To help the Exec team know where to focus their efforts to develop the most compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

Our approach

Whitbread regularly surveys its employees, but these scores alone weren’t telling them enough about which workplace factors had the biggest impact on engagement and retention. Our challenge was to get under the skin of these scores, to find out what’s really driving employee attitudes and behaviours.

We used employees’ survey comments to explore how they felt about Whitbread. We went into the detail of the experience and emotion, understanding what people actually care about. We then we went broad, reading and assessing the opinions of thousands of employees.  We were able to show Whitbread exactly how the recent changes had impacted employee engagement and retention, rating by role those workplace factors which had the most positive and negative impact.

The answer

“The insight provided by Listen & Learn was compelling and rich in insight. We were able to get a better understanding of the employee voice which has helped us focus our energy and effort on aspects of the employee experience that we know are most important to our people. This has been hugely valuable following a period of organisational change and at a time when we are evolving our EVP and reviewing our people plans.” Phil Pringle, Head of HR Insight & Engagement