How Colart learnt to engage new audiences

The question

Colart (a leading global art supplies brand) had a challenge. They needed more than organic growth to meet their targets. They needed to find new audiences and had a hunch that they could find them online. But where to start?

Colart had been using Social Listening for a while, but the outputs were too superficial. So, they took a chance on a new relationship. Listen + Learn Research’s human-led approach promised the depth that they needed.

Our approach

Working together we designed a multi-source approach (search, text and visual social) that helped landscape the world of graphic art – finding +160 tribes of artists.

From this we delved into priority tribes, bringing them to life and helping us understand their needs, motivation and frustrations.

The answer

“Listen and Learn delivered beyond the project scope and our expectations, they really got under the skin of the graphic art tribes within the digital ecosystem. We now understand what makes them tick and motivates them, not just delivered through vast digital data but the true gem was the analysis and how the information was delivered to us.

We have come away from this project feeling inspired, confident and with a clear understanding of various audience types. This expert insight we now have at our fingertips will inform all future communication along with NPD development, packaging and retail development encouraging consumers to consider us as a relevant brand for them.”

/Jean Brooke-Sumner, Global Senior Brand Manager, Colart