How Warner Leisure learnt to prioritise guest needs

The question

Warner Leisure Hotel’s focus on the retired market, with a choice of 13 locations, great food and lively entertainment attracts thousands of loyal guests each week. Naturally, they’re serious about improving – with guest feedback a vital part of this learning process. However, like many, they struggle to turn thousands of guests comments into meaningful, usable insights.

Our approach

Warner wanted to understand what created promoters and detractors. The survey scores only told part of the story, the what. They needed to know the why. We read and deeply analysed thousands of the comments guests left in the feedback survey.

The answer

This unearthed new insights into why and how the Warner experience turned guests into promoters or detractors. We were able to show what was happening at an operational, tactical and strategic level –informing major investment decisions across the group.

“2 years ago we faced a strategic challenge – we had occupancy rates of 95%, NPS scores over 50% and high levels of loyalty, but we lacked a clear understanding of what we needed to improve for our guests. We worked with Listen & Learn Research who analysed over 40,000 guest questionnaires and trip advisor reviews to properly understand the sentiment of the comments and the common causes of detraction for guests.

The insights reshaped our strategic direction and refocused resources and investments, with results showing high guest quality scores, increased sales and higher levels of loyalty.”

Mat Finch / Sales + Marketing Director