How the Mayo Clinic used customer insight to refine its go-to-market strategy

The question

The Mayo Clinic is on a mission to provide cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment services around the world.

To support its go-to-market plans in the UK it needed to better understand the opinions, experiences and unmet needs of High Net Worth (HNW) individuals.

It needed to find them, understand their needs and motivations, see who’s shaping and influencing their healthcare choices and map out the competitive landscape.

Our approach

Using Enhanced Social Listening techniques, we explored the social conversation and audience profiles of HNWs in the UK.

We were able to identify and profile a wide range of HNW individuals and understand their experiences of healthcare.

We deep-dived into the conversation to understand their needs and motivations and to surface what drove their decision-making.

We then helped Mayo understand where the opportunities were and how to refine its marketing strategy to effectively target and engage this audience.

The answer

“Listen and Learn did a great piece of insight work for us.

They were able to take personas created by our marketing team and map them to social media profiles to help us understand the interests and preferences of high-net-worth individuals resident in the UK.

This work has been invaluable in informing marketing tactics, media choices, and campaign weighting – it’s also helped us understand what other brands / organisations we should pursue affiliations with, in order to support both brand awareness and sales volumes.”

Simon Scrivens, Executive Director, EMEIA