How Strutt & Parker understood demand for property

The question

In order to keep adding value to its clients, Strutt & Parker wanted to get a different perspective on what influences the demand for property in the UK.

Our approach

We listened to online conversations about buying, renting and selling property. This helped us understand the circumstances, attitudes and desires that influence demand and the different ways in which people went about investing in property.

The answer

Our research gave Strutt & Parker a different view on UK property market. It now helps their agency teams give better advice to clients and has helped their marketing department to better understand and monitor relevant online discussions.

“This has really let us tap into the thoughts of our clients. It’s been most beneficial from a tactical perspective – showing us what people are saying now. We will use the findings to directly influence how our teams interact with their client base and guide them as to what our future customers are saying online.”

Stephanie Mcmahon / Head of Research