How #Skintok gave brands front-row seats to how the skincare market is moving

The question

The popularity of skincare increased dramatically during the Covid-19 pandemic and the conversation rose online. It is today dominated by TikTok. The platform is changing the skincare marketing game by mixing online product reviews with political commentary, internet meme culture and a behind-the-scenes look at their everyday lives. But it was unclear how brands could take advantage of this explosive #SkinTok trend.

Our approach

To show the commercial potential of #SkinTok and how brands can be at the forefront of spotting creative and commercial opportunities, we analysed and coded more than 300 #SkinTok videos using our first-of-it’s-kind, qualitative TikTok methodology

The answer

Our research on #SkinTok revealed how young readers are building their own communities on TikTok. Its success shows how skincare brands can reach new audiences, understand what makes them tick and what their ideal customer journey is.

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