How Premier Inn understood service as guest value

The question

With hotels, everyone knows, service is important. But, how do you actually prove it? How do you win investment against other more tangible options?
This work tested the value of service and its potential to create guest and shareholder value.

Our approach

It’s a complex question without a simple answer, so Premier Inn needed a new approach. They combined what they had: 1 statistician and millions of lines of data, with an external guest perspective – from Listen + Learn. The result? A fundamental change in how Premier Inn views and delivers service to its guests.

The answer

This award-winning project (Aura Impact Award, Masters of Marketing Insight Award), changed the way Premier Inn targets, motivates, trains and rewards people, from the top to the bottom of the organisation and identified potential to retain significant revenue from reducing churn.
It’s helped establish the value of a new insight function, earning a place at the table for strategic decision making alongside financial voices – which will enable more balanced, guest-centric decision making in a world of increasing financial pressure.