How PistonHeads used social for growth

The question

If you know about cars, you’ll know about PistonHeads. It’s one of the UK’s most popular car sites, attracting more than 5m unique visitors each month.
It’s a powerful opinion former and Haymarket was keen to explore how to unlock some the commercial opportunity of this unique community.

Our approach

The project looked at how the PistonHeads community functioned; what drove the conversation, what got people engaged and how different influencers shaped the discussion.
We looked at how the launch of two new Porsche 911 models played out across these lively forums. Our ability to read everything and find deep, reliable insights meant that we could show how opinions started and evolved, and see the influence their journalists had on shaping opinion.

The answer

Haymarket knew the PistonHeads community had value. We were able to prove what an important opinion leader and influencer it had become.
This helped Haymarket develop a range of commercial propositions for Pistonheads, their related content platforms and their agency partners.