How Marvin found a window in the home improvement market

The question

ZeusJones (a leading brand and innovation agency) was helping Marvin (a leading door and window brand) develop its growth strategy.

The key issue to address was concern that the brand was being diluted through its current supply chain model.

ZeusJones’ mission was to help their client develop a stronger, consumer-oriented brand, generating higher direct attraction among end buyers of replacement windows.

To give ZeusJones the insight they needed to help fuel brand growth they asked us to help.

Our approach

In this work, we transformed consumer conversation about home improvement brands across social media into clear insights.

We explored what customers valued at the different stages of the window replacement journey. Unpacking the practical as well as the emotional elements of the experience.

Our insight helped surface the value of a brand in the home improvement market, the vital role of installers, brand and product expectations – and an unexpected opportunity to inject emotion into the experience.

The answer

“Collaborating with Listen and Learn proved pivotal for our project.

Their assistance in deciphering homeowner concerns during the window-shopping journey allowed us to pinpoint crucial touchpoints where Infinity from Marvin could significantly influence both homeowners and retail partners.

This valuable insight ultimately led to a brand relaunch, featuring an improved customer experience, refreshed brand positioning, and marketing tools that prioritize the homeowner’s needs in the overall experience.”

Eric Frost, Partner