How IG Group became customer champions

The question

IG Group is a world leader in derivatives trading. Despite their stature, Covid brought increased uncertainty, competition and new customer segments to the financial trading market.

To stand out, IG Group needed the right brand positioning and customer focus. So they sought help from Listen + Learn Research to understand the deeper human truths behind trading.

Our approach

We used qualitative research techniques to find out what really mattered to IG’s customers, bringing together data from online reviews, comments and influencers.

This provided the depth (why do people feel the way they do) as well as the all-important numbers needed to make informed investment decisions and inspire change.

The answer

“Through working closely together with Listen+Learn, we in the IG Insights team were able to consult and advise with several departments internally and lean on that wealth of evidence-based information to guide and direct planning for the year ahead, alongside creating widely disseminated (and actually consumed!) knowledge packs on key competitors”.

/ Tom Cantle, Customer Insight Manager at IG

IG Group could use the insights to optimise their client experience all around. In particular, the project informed IG’s refreshed brand values that puts client experience first, allowed them to sharpen their engagement with customers online and to re-evaluate their influencer partnerships.