How a global energy company understood a social media storm

The question

Dissident was helping a global energy company get to the bottom of a problem with part of their supply chain. A change in policy had angered a group of customers who quickly found a voice on national TV and media coverage. Our job was to use the social conversation to help them understand the true extent and impact of the problem.

Our approach

We combined search tools and social listening to identify where, when and who was behind the social conversation. We then went deeper, reading all of the comments, getting to the heart of the conversation to gauge the true impact and understand the different voices within it.

The answer

We were able to track the extent of the conversation, assess its reach and impact. We showed who was influencing the discussion, the nature of their complaints and what impact this was having on consumers. This enabled our client to work with internal stakeholders to build the right capacity to tackle these issues in the future.