How Brandtrust used social to solve problems

The question

Brandtrust is a research and strategy firm that uses applied social and behavioural sciences to solve complex business challenges. We love what they do and love working with them.

Like us, BrandTrust believes that human truth can change everything, but it won’t just leap out at you. This is where social data fits in.

Our approach

From nutrition and complex healthcare, to the ups and downs of university life we support them as they go on their hunt for human truth.

Crucially, we help them make sense of the social noise, by turning social data into human insight. This helps them take stock of what’s going on in social and use this to frame their deep Emotional Inquiry.

The answer

We’ve helped Brandtrust and their clients expose and clarify the conversations that key stakeholders have naturally online – to help focus their deep-dive, Emotional Inquiry approach.

Married together, the human insight derived from these approaches ensures that they can more deeply understand the most salient human insights to guide authentic and resonant brand and business strategy.

Moreover, the social insights help fill in some specific interest gaps, as well as provide quantitative certainty which builds confidence in the insights and provides the foundation for important decision-making.