How BD tuned into the patient voice to shape the pathway for vascular access

The question

BD knows how important it is when shaping patient pathways, and working with HCPs and policymakers, to incorporate the patient voice.

In helping to shape the pathway for vascular access in kidney patients, BD needed to demonstrate a depth of knowledge about patients and their needs.

This would give them the insight they need to:

  • Better advocate for Patients.
  • Empower HCPs with the knowledge they need.
  • Help its charity partners extend their reach.

Our approach

Using Enhanced Social Listening let us cut through researcher bias to get to the deeper human truths surrounding fistulas.

We read, watched and assessed thousands of comments (including visual content from TikTok).

Our blend of quantitative and qualitative techniques enabled us to understand what patients need to help them navigate a complex and uncertain world.

We provided a clear set of recommendations for how BD can improve patients’ lives and the work of HCPs and charities.

The answer

“The insights gained have been transformative in our understanding of what matters to the patients, challenging pre-conceived ideas and existing knowledge of patients’ journeys, and enabling better and stronger partnerships with key kidney groups.

L+LR were able to focus in on a specific part of the kidney disease patient journey and give us actionable intel that will support us to continue to positively affect kidney patient experiences and health outcomes.”

/ Philip Skinner, Market Access Manager