How a global food brand challenged barriers to consumption

The question

In order to grow one of it’s leading brands in Germany, the marketing and insight team wanted to develop a better understanding of what’s stopping people consuming it – so that they could develop the right strategies to overcome them.

Our approach

We looked at how people in Germany talked about the brand on social and compared this with the social conversation about its leading competitor.

We broke the discussion down, looking at the different ways people talked about each brand. Assessing the differences, we were able to show how each performed in terms of the brand associations, product attributes and communication effectiveness. Our analysis was based on a wide range of social comments and pictures that people shared when discussing the brands.

The answer

This work showed the importance of engaging with people on social (something that their competitor has been able to do effectively) as a way to tell the right story about the brand. It also clearly highlighted the different visual identities each brand had created in consumer’s eyes.

It’s now being used to help our client’s creative and media agencies further develop and execute their campaign and brand assets.