How a global brand understood ‘green’ apparel

The question

Our client (a global apparel brand) was keen to get a better understanding of the increasing consumer interest in ‘green’ fashion – so that it could better plan how to develop ranges to suit the needs of this audience.

Our approach

This work blended two methods. We started by exploring how people in Germany and France talked about ‘green’ fashion. Reading and assessing thousands of different stories allowed us to see what people actually do to be ‘green’. We identified a range of behavioural types – some common, others uniquely reflected the nature of each market.

These behavioural types were then picked up by our friends at Insight Angels. They used quant research to test the prevalence and appeal of these emerging behaviours with a more mainstream audience.

The answer

This work helped our client better understand what ‘green’ means and how to best talk to consumers about it – helping them define their ‘green’ stance.

It showed the dangers of ‘greenwashing’ and the importance of developing the right proposition and communications strategy.

Our client is now using these insights to help inform how it develops and markets its different product ranges.