The question

Havas Helia asked us how to best create fresh, creative ideas that would resonate with target audiences.

Our approach

We capture and interpret comments in social media that help Havas understand what people think about products and brands. We also give them a broader picture of more specific client-relevant questions – such as the ‘nature of beauty’ for one of their cosmetics clients and ‘what makes men get angry driving’ for a FMCG firm.

The answer

This research gives the agency audience-first insights. It also gives their creative teams a different view of their customers, one grounded in the reality of everyday life so they can generate new ideas that will resonate with these audiences.

“We work with some global FMCG brands that are learning through this kind of ‘audience first’ research. What Listen & Learn Research has given us is social listening, but with a completely different, much richer level of semantic and contextual analysis.”

Ben Silcox / Head of Data + Technology