How Macmillan helped people diagnosed with cancer

The question

Macmillan knows a lot about what people need when living with cancer. But they felt they had a bit of blind spot about an impossible moment – the moment of diagnosis. Traditional research methods just can’t (and shouldn’t) get close enough.

We helped Macmillan find, appreciate and understand what it’s like to receive a diagnosis. What happens. How do they feel. Where do they go. What do they need. And, how can MacMillan help?

Our approach

It’s an impossible, highly sensitive subject at an impossible time. Even if you knew where to look, what questions would you ask? What place has research at a time like this?

Working with Macmillan we used social data to explore how they could better understand the diagnosis experience and help more people in a way that truly reflects their needs.

The answer

This work changed the way Macmillan presents itself to the world. It’s helped secure investment and focus for its online community. While helping set their SEO strategy and shape their Digital Transformation Programme.