How the Financial Ombudsman Service spots consumer trends

The question The Financial Ombudsman Service wanted to get a better sense of what needs, frustrations and problems consumers were experiencing with Financial Services organisations.

How a global food brand challenged barriers to consumption

The question In order to grow one of it’s leading brands in Germany, the marketing and insight team wanted to develop a better understanding of what’s stopping people consuming it – so that they could develop the right strategies to overcome them.

How Hive uses social data for product development

The question Building on its success in the Smart Home market, Hive was looking for opportunities to reach other areas of the connected home.

How a global energy company understood a social media storm

The question Dissident was helping a global energy company get to the bottom of a problem with part of their supply chain.

How the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award understood its brand

The question The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has been helping children develop and unlock their potential for over 50 years.

How Strutt & Parker understood demand for property

The question In order to keep adding value to its clients, Strutt & Parker wanted to get a different perspective on what influences the demand for property in the UK.