How Brandtrust uses social insight to solve complex problems

The question Brandtrust is a research and strategy firm that uses applied social and behavioural sciences to solve complex business challenges.

How a global healthcare brand is optimising its marketing channel strategy

The question Our client (a global healthcare brand) wanted to build on its DTC campaigns by better understanding the digital journeys consumers go on.

How a global food brand learnt to challenge barriers to consumption

The question In order to grow one of it’s leading brands in Germany, the marketing and insight team wanted to develop a better understanding of what’s stopping people consuming it – so that they could develop the right strategies to overcome them.

How Dissident helped a global energy company assess the impact of a social media storm

The question Dissident was helping a global energy company get to the bottom of a problem with part of their supply chain.

How AXA is engaging more effectively with people moving abroad

The question The decision to live and work abroad represents a step into the unknown; no two places or situations are the same.

How the Financial Ombudsman Service spots trends in consumer financial services

The question The Financial Ombudsman Service wanted to get a better sense of what needs, frustrations and problems consumers were experiencing with Financial Services organisations.

How the Money Advice Service better understood the needs of it’s customers

The question If you’ve got a problem with a financial product and your provider won’t help, you can call on the

How UKWIR is changing public perceptions

The question UKWIR (a research collaboration between the UK’s water companies) wants us all to see water as a public good, not just a commodity.

How the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award understood its social brand perception

The question The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has been helping children develop and unlock their potential for over 50 years.