How the Mayo Clinic used customer insight to refine its go-to-market strategy

The question The Mayo Clinic is on a mission to provide cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment services around the world.

How X keeps on top of emerging global cultural trends

The question Social media has made it harder for brands to get away with being tone-deaf, culturally irrelevant, clumsy or simply pay lip service to the issues people care about.

How BD tuned into the patient voice to shape the pathway for vascular access

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How a global brand understood ‘green’ apparel

The question Our client (a global apparel brand) was keen to get a better understanding of the increasing consumer interest in ‘green’ fashion – so that it could better plan how to develop ranges to suit the needs of this audience.

How the Financial Ombudsman Service spots consumer trends

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How Hive uses social data for product development

The question Building on its success in the Smart Home market, Hive was looking for opportunities to reach other areas of the connected home.