How The British Red Cross learnt to talk to people about loneliness

The question The British Red Cross works in the UK to connect human crisis with human kindness, and encourage resilient communities, where people look after each other.

How Dissident helped a global energy company assess the impact of a social media storm

The question Dissident was helping a global energy company get to the bottom of a problem with part of their supply chain.

How the Financial Ombudsman Service spots trends in consumer financial services

The question The Financial Ombudsman Service wanted to get a better sense of what needs, frustrations and problems consumers were experiencing with Financial Services organisations.

How to find, understand and engage with Influencers in Healthcare

The question Our client wanted to understand who was influencing the online conversation about Type-1 diabetes in a number of countries.

How UKWIR is changing public perceptions

The question UKWIR (a research collaboration between the UK’s water companies) wants us all to see water as a public good, not just a commodity.