How BD tuned into the patient voice to shape the pathway for vascular access

The question BD knows how important it is when shaping patient pathways, and working with HCPs and policymakers, to incorporate the patient voice.

How the publishing industry understood the growth of #BookTok

The question TikTok has turned the publishing world upside down.

How Hive saw the stories behind consumer choices

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How Colart learnt to engage new audiences

The question Colart (a leading global art supplies brand) had a challenge.

How The British Red Cross learnt to talk about loneliness

The question The British Red Cross works in the UK to connect human crisis with human kindness, and encourage resilient communities, where people look after each other.

How a healthcare brand optimised its marketing

The question Our client (a global healthcare brand) wanted to build on its DTC campaigns by better understanding the digital journeys consumers go on.

How a health care charity learnt to help people diagnosed with cancer

The question Our client, a large British charity specialising in health care, knows a lot about what people need when living with cancer.

How a global food brand challenged barriers to consumption

The question In order to grow one of it’s leading brands in Germany, the marketing and insight team wanted to develop a better understanding of what’s stopping people consuming it – so that they could develop the right strategies to overcome them.

How AXA engaged with people moving abroad

The question The decision to live and work abroad represents a step into the unknown; no two places or situations are the same.