Hashtag spotlight – #Plantparent

TikTok is so much more than dance videos (although those are great too!).

It’s vast, having become the world’s most popular entertainment app. And It’s a place of expression – and so a great source of consumer insight.

People love plants. And those who really love plants tend to come in two different categories on TikTok, covering under #PlantParent.

Funny videos. Plant lovers make fun of their addiction and their family members share their annoyance. Apparently living with a plant addict can be quite annoying (we beg to disagree!). Expectations vs. realities were an especially common theme in these videos.

Learning/ teaching. These videos had a more neutral tone. Plant addicts share their tips, hacks, and things they have learned while caring for their plants. Some common themes emerged here too:  “Tips for beginners”, “Things I wish I knew before I became a plant parent”, “How to propagate” and showing off their plant collection.

Another popular video is using songs to make fun of their plant obsession (dua lipa “levitating” was a popular one).


Seriously how much harm can one more plant do #planttok #plantparent #levitating #alocasia

♬ Levitating – Dua Lipa


Plants are so hard to resist in every situation! #plant #iwantyou #iwantyoubabyy #dualipa #levitating #meme #plantparent #plantmeme #plantsoftiktok

♬ Levitating – Dua Lipa

What shone through all the videos is a sense of community and support. In this way, #Plantparent shows social media at its best: people coming together around the same hobbies and passions, making you feel less alone.

It was also interesting to see how the plant/urban jungle community grew during Covid. We can only wonder what will happen to everyone’s orchids once lockdown ends….

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