for market innovation

Transform the social conversation from organisations and consumers in your target markets into insights that help drive your market entry strategy.


market potential

Map out who, what, and where people and organisations are already active in your target market.

Help you understand the market leaders, the dynamics and dominant messaging.

Reveal the MVP and market entry strategy needed to break through.

Define a clear market entry strategy.

Develop the right channel and partnership approach.

Create the right product and messaging.

Most new markets aren’t a blank canvas. Knowing the lay of the land will speed up your return on market entry.

What we do

ESL vs Traditional Market Research

Confidence from experience
Insights are borne out of real-life consumer experiences, avoiding confirmation bias and claimed behaviour – all at scale.
Reveal social decision making
Discover and understand the different stages of the social consumer decision-making journey.
Access new audiences
See new audiences, connections and overlaps in communities which you couldn’t otherwise know about.

ESL vs Social Listening

Deep sentiment + emotion
Get access to deeper and more accurate human analysis of emotion, sentiment and language.
Blending quant + qual for a 3D picture
Quantifying specific experiential and emotional attributes, while also getting depth insights from the same data set.
Understanding context
Being able to appreciate the human, market and cultural context in which these interactions take place and what it means.
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