What to do if Covid derails your research plans

It’s not great.

The shock waves from the coronavirus are getting stronger every day.

Some of our clients are telling us that their qual work is being pushed back or cancelled due to safety fears and travel bans.

What’s frustrating in the short-term, may quickly turn damaging if businesses continue to be starved of the insight they need to make decisions.

There is an alternative.

A way you can deliver your qual projects on time and to an extremely high standard.

The answer is social data – but not how most people are currently using it.

Most businesses aren’t getting the most from social data. Their analysis is being constrained by the platforms they use.

There is another way.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve developed a robust technique for understanding the meaning of social data and using this to create new consumer insight.

At heart, it’s qual – drawing on traditional qualitative market research skills, psychology, sociology, economics, branding, CX and strategy.

A lot of people have been (quite rightly) put off using social data. It looks messy, it doesn’t play by the same rules and the automated ‘analysis’ just isn’t.

But, that doesn’t mean the underlying data isn’t useful. It is. So much so. It’s real people, talking about what’s important to them, in their terms.

Some brands have seen the potential.

They’re using it to help guide their creative work, secure investment, improve service delivery and the customer experience, drive innovation and product development and to help look beyond themselves to really see what’s happing in the big wide world.

We’re standing by.

Don’t let your insight agenda be another victim. Keep your promises to your stakeholders.

Get in touch on the details below for an initial discussion.

Social Insight isn’t the right approach for everyone or every project, but when it is, the impact can be significant.

Stay safe.

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