Hashtag spotlight – a selection of Winter warmers

It’s cold outside.

Or wet and miserable. Think I prefer the cold.

It’s good to have something warm us up on the inside.

To remind us that Winter has its charms and that Spring won’t be long.

Here are some hashtags to follow for inspiration.


Check out #finddailyhygge

To see how the “hygge” vibe lives on and position anything your brand is thinking of in terms of cosy comfort in winter times, this offers a glimpse at how consumers are ‘finding their hygge’.




Or have a look at #thebeautyinwinter

Started by Rachel of @foxglove_and_ivy, who also runs #thebeautyinsummer, #thebeautyinautumn and #thebeautyinspring.

It’s a great place to see how people engage with the seasons, the mood they bring and inspiration for comms or product positioning (tone, colours, moments).



Then there’s #showmeyourstyled

I can’t pretend this doesn’t mess with my grammar pedantry. That aside.

If you want to see the ‘ideal home’ and aspirational interiors people are looking for and showing off, then check this one out.

People sharing the pretty corners of their homes, show off seasonal decorations or posting the images they admire.


Finally, time to switch off with #loveforanalogue

Want to see how people are doing that ‘digital detox’?

Here people share their moments of respite from the digital world, or goals towards it (ironically, in the digital world!).

It shows the side of life engaging hand and heart: snaps from a board-game night, home-baked bread, a walk in the wilderness, wreath-making attempts…


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