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Looking to social it sure seems the team at Coca Cola know a bit about branding…

We always know it’s Christmas when the Coke ad comes out and tells us ‘Holidays are Coming’, hey? We took a look at how people were naturally engaging with brand adverts and marketing, and Coke not surprisingly stood out.

#cocacolachristmas is a consumer-led #, not brand owned and controlled, and strongly reflects how Coke excels at branding clarity, icon status and clear consumer connection.

Just a scan at the squares shows remarkable consistency despite being fully organic, user-generated and international. Recurring themes throughout the images people chose to share signal a clear, focused, iconic, readily engaged with a brand that combines the nostalgic heritage with the modern-day.

Brand love is reflected back in the numerous ways people welcome Coke’s products into their lives and special holiday moments. The brand is readily incorporated into ‘their world’ and adds to it, with consumers playing with and enjoying branded experiences.

How it works, looks and feels

A few things that stood out to us as consistent reflections of the brand’s success in clarity and consumer connection that shine through the images shared are:

1. The iconic heuristic hue.

It’s a collage of red, replayed in both the branded products proudly presented and played with by people, and reflected in their clothes and lifestyle settings that mirror the iconic ‘Coke red’

2. The products

Regularly shown merrily, alongside smiling faces. Both the cans of Coke themselves or branded collateral are readily used as tools to pose with and showcase.

3. The Christmas Coke truck

This icon of Christmas advertising is embraced in people’s ‘selfies’ with the trucks as they spot them out on the street or as the mock-ups used for in-store merchandising and events. Interaction, play and delight shine through!

4. The connection with the past

The nostalgic, heritage motif of Santa sipping from his can of Coke and examples of vintage branding materials (e.g. 1950s snow globes, shop fronts or vintage trucks) are showcased, while…

5. The modern novelties…

…feature, adding to the sense of fun. We see recent innovations such as personalised cans of Coke taking their place on the Christmas dining table, for example!

6. The real-world interactions

Coke is clearly exciting consumers with its pop-up experiences and branded Santa’s Grottos, giving photo-ready ways to interact with the brand in-stores, around the world.

A shiny (red!) example of branding that is focused, engaging and consistent across contexts and continents…

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