Discovering hidden audiences

I remember the feel of the carpet and the edge of the stairs digging into my ribs, as I sat there, waiting. Waiting for my wife to emerge with the news. A small bit of plastic was about to tell us if we were going to be parents for the first time.

This memory of mine is the obvious picture, it’s what we’re always shown. An attractive couple sits, usually on the bathroom floor, waiting for the words to appear on that immaculate stick. It always does. Pregnant. Cue explosions of joy and delight.

For a pregnancy test brand, the purpose seems clear. We’ll tell you sooner. We’ll be more accurate. We’ll bring the joy. We give people happy news, we make memories.

A simple message, that reflects a single, simple reality. A happy place, safe for TV.

Rewind a bit. We bring joy to people who want to be pregnant

A pregnancy test is really just an answer to a question, “am I pregnant?”.

From this perspective, you can see more than one answer – there are four. Four answers from what are actually two questions:

  •        Are you pregnant?
  •        Do you want to be pregnant?

So why do brands only target one of them?

4 needs. 4 audiences. 4 markets. But only one currently being recognised – you’re pregnant and want to be.

3 missed opportunities to engage, support, and build relationships with…

  •        Those who want to be, but aren’t?
  •        Those who don’t want to be, but are?
  •        Those who aren’t and don’t want to be?

Brands aren’t locked into one broadcast message, anymore (thankfully). They have more tools to engage with people in different ways, at different moments in their life.

So why aren’t they? Maybe they’re not looking in the right place, their eyes are closed. They can’t see these groups and consider their needs.  

From the brand’s side of the fence, it’s hard to see these unseen audiences and how they need what you do.

Social is a good place to start.

When it comes to our bodies and our dreams, social is a place to say what can’t be said out loud. To start conversations that can’t be started. It’s a chance to tap into a broader social consciousness – one that understands what you’re going through and can help.

We didn’t appreciate any of this until we started learning from people on social. It’s eye-opening.

Ever wondered if there were any unseen needs in your world? We’d love to help you find out. Get in touch.


About L+LR

We are the Social Insights agency.

We make social data simple. Simple for you to know what’s meaningful, to find new insights, to see opportunities and to spark inspiration.

We’ll help you use social to find and understand the people that matter to you. So you can create the right experiences, engage new audiences and appeal to people in the best way.

People are busy, we’ll help you become something they want to be part of.

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