Hashtag spotlight – #JobSearch

TikTok is so much more than dance videos (although those are great too!).

It’s vast, having become the world’s most popular entertainment app. And It’s a place of expression – and so a great source of consumer insight.

So move over LinkedIn. When we looked at #JobSearch, we found that more and more people are turning to TikTok for career advice. 352 million to be precise.

With that kind of viewership, a couple of themes start to emerge:

  • Videos with generic topics and advice on career development and career choice. These included titles like”Random jobs that pay well” or “Top 5 careers you never knew until now”.

  • A lot of material on job applications and making the best of interview opportunities. Examples include tips on resumes (how to make them appealing), how to answer common interview questions, inform viewers about the most common mistakes that job candidates make, and advice on the best companies to apply for or work with.

SIGNS A HIRING MAMAGER WILL BE BAD TO WORK FOR. #careercoach #interviewtips #interview #jobinterview #jobs #jobsearch #jobsearchtips #careeradvice

♬ original sound – J.T. O’Donnell


Still hiring anywhere in the world! #hiring #jobsearch #hiringnewemployees #newcareer #jobseeker #hiringnow #remote

♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

And it seems that these sprouts that we are seeing on TikTok are the start of a larger trend. Like Social Media Today notes,

“TikTok is currently testing a new tool that would enable brands to recruit employees on the platform, and promote their internal workplace culture to potential candidates via TikTok clips.”

This could be the start of a whole new hiring process. Maybe we’ll all even be applying to jobs with TikTok dance videos in a few years time? You heard it here first.

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