What are
we about?
We believe that research is there to shake things up.

It’s the spark that ignites.

People like us because we’re somewhere between a research agency and a strategic consultancy. We go big on the data and deep on the detail.

We find human insight from social data. Weaving together the golden threads to tell a compelling story.

We’ll help you discover new opportunities.

Without the big price tag.

Who’s on
your side?
We've sat at both sides of the table.

We’re a practical bunch.

We’ve worked in-house, developing business strategies, leading campaigns, heading up insight teams and running our own businesses.

We also all grew up agency-side – so we know what proper research looks like and how to make it land.

We bring a rich mix of quant and qual techniques. Which, over the past 10 years, we’ve refined to meet the challenge of creating new insights from social data.

We’ve become the established experts in turning social data into human insight.

This draws on in-house experience in consumer research, psychology, anthropology, social media, and semiotics.

We’re also super proud of our skilled team of international, in-market analysts. Native speakers in a range of languages, their perspective brings deep cultural understanding to our work.

We’ve solved the problem of getting powerful insights from social data.

You give us a business challenge. We’ll do the rest.

What’s it
like working
with us?
We’ll help you get the most from social data, whether it’s your first project or your fiftieth.

We’re still independent, so you won’t get lost in the machine.

  • Your agenda is our agenda. We’re nimble and agile. We fit what we do to what you need. All projects are designed with you in mind to maximise their impact (we won’t force your needs into a limited dashboard).
  • Complementary skills. Our projects benefit from teams with a range of complementary skills. From experts in finding, processing and managing social data. To our team of analysts –  highly skilled at reading and finding the meaning in social comments and images. Through to our senior consultants and directors who bring a valuable operational, tactical and strategic perspective.
  • We’re here for the long-run. We want to get to know you, how you work and the world you’re in. This is how deep value and trust gets created.
  • We know this is new. We’re here for you. We’ll help you and your team develop your ‘social insight skills’. We’ll help you make the best of the tech and tools you already have. We’ll help you help your colleagues accept, then expect social insight.
  • We play nicely with others. Some projects need more people around the table. We love this. We often work with design, creative and ad agencies, as well as more traditional market research partners.