In conversation with… Mike Coulter

It’s difficult to get hold of Mike. He has so many projects and creative ideas going on at the same time that everyone wants a bit of him, but very few manage. An award-winning copywriter, D&AD Copy Judge, human behaviour specialist. But oh, were we determined to try.

We have long admired him for his work at The Do Lectures (we’re one of the many who have taken their awesome courses!). He was Creative Director on the hugely influential ‘Side Projects Report’, which was the catalyst and inspiration for him to train and qualify as an enthusiastic evangelist, ambassador and coach for BJ Fogg’s ground-breaking Tiny Habits method of behaviour change. Mike has also recented graduated from BJ Fogg’s legendary Behaviour Design Bootcamp in California where innovators from around the world come to learn how human behaviour really works.

So Mike is all about creativity, human behaviour and what matters in life. Basically, everything we at Listen + Learn Research are passionate about in a nutshell.

We were super excited when we got him on the line to talk about everything from his career so far to his ideas about work-life balance and how to speak authentically to an audience.

Happy listening.

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