How Covid-19 changed consumer behaviour

Coronavirus is affecting all our lives.

There are about 8m households in the UK with dependent children. Overnight we’ve become teachers, playmates, breakfast and after school clubs – and that’s on top of our day jobs.

In a way, home-schooling is at the front-line of how behaviours are changing.

We wanted to see how people were dealing with it all – and what this means for brands trying to find their right place.

So, we looked at how people in the UK are coping with home-schooling. How they’re supporting each other. What’s working. What’s not.

One thing’s clear. We’re not in Kansas anymore. People have changed and how they use social media reflects this.

How we're responding to home schooling


We’re all trying to make sense of this all.

We’ve been running free sessions with some of our clients, to share what we’ve found and to help them think about what it means to them.

Let me know if we can do the same for you.

You can download the report here or click here to email Jeremy

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