Rubbish in, Rubbish out – 10 tips for improving your social data

When you look at the data that comes through your social listening dashboard, it looks great.

Taking influence away from the Influencers

The idea for this article came from a few different places.

Needles, haystacks: 5 tips for working with social data

Needles, haystacks: 5 tips for working with social data Let’s start with a challenge.

Does my bum look big in this?

Let's face it most of your friends won't tell you and your partner almost certainly won't.

The echo chamber trap: hearing what you want to hear, seeing what you want to see (part 1)

Working on a couple of projects recently brought to light just how easy it is to all fall under the spell of the Echo Chamber.

When should brands jump in? Knowing when to take new entrants seriously.

Something becomes truly popular when it becomes interesting to those who don’t particularly care.

McDonald’s ‘bereavement’ ad could have been better, but they shouldn’t have pulled it

McDonald’s pulled their ad about a boy and his father due to a social and traditional media ‘storm’.

Why are some people moving away from social listening?

Looking for growth? You could argue that the Insight team’s job is to help kick-start organic growth.

A new way for agencies to win pitches, sell-in campaigns and brief creative

Finding creative opportunities The early stages of the creative process, either for pitching for new business or for selling-in campaign ideas, tends to look a bit like this: