What to do if the coronavirus is wrecking your research plans

It’s not great. The shock waves from the coronavirus are getting stronger every day.

The rough guide to DIY social insight

We joined the good people at the Social Intelligence Lab recently for a webinar about how to get real insight from social data.

18 tips for working from home (from people who do it all the time)

We're a remote company, have been since we started 9 years ago.

How to fix the problem with your social data

There’s a problem with social data. The phrase “rubbish in, rubbish out” says it all.

Some sensible tips for getting the best from your social listening provider

We have a privileged position, we get to actually read a shed load of social data.

Tips for understanding and dealing with fake reviews

It all started with a dog guard I was looking to buy a dog guard for my car - a random purchase I know, and not one that I have ever (or likely will ever) buy again.

Consumer-centric product development

How to use social data for… Consumer-centric product development Business case There’s nothing quite like the experiences of real consumers to tell you how well your product is going down.

What’s up with TrustPilot?

It loves Autotrader but hates John Lewis & Partners.

Rubbish in, Rubbish out – 10 tips for improving your social data

When you look at the data that comes through your social listening dashboard, it looks great.

Taking influence away from the Influencers

The idea for this article came from a few different places.