We need to talk about talking… and listening….

"Breakdown in conversation is the biggest risk of our times" Ros Wynne Jones, Daily Mirror journalist and founder of the Britain Talks initiative And so we find ourselves in the midst of another election campaign.

Fringe-spiration: how to spot emerging consumer trends and green shoots

We were looking at trends in green fashion over the summer and it got us reflecting on a quote that’s often attributed to

I see you baby! How to help your creatives be more effective

A bold statement of intent Social insight should help you develop creative content that people can see themselves in.

What do people see when they’re looking to buy something new?

We’ve been working on the idea of a ‘Trail of Influence’ recently.

Lessons in love

With Valentine’s day approaching, it got us thinking about love.

2019: A resolution revolution?

Taking on the gym? Or packing it in? Recent media buzz got us thinking about the types of New Year resolutions that we’re making and why… So we had a look into how people talk about their New Year resolutions and contrasted this with the same time last year.

Why do people use forums?

Today we’re going to answer a question we get asked a lot.

Discovering hidden audiences, the one about pregnancy tests

I remember the feel of the carpet and the edge of the stairs digging into my ribs, as I sat there, waiting.

6 Faces of Anger: the miffed don’t change the world

"Social media, it’s just full of angry people, isn’t it?" Well, actually, no.