Revealed, the six hidden superpowers of social data

A superpower is something special. Something that separates you from the rest.

How the ‘persuasion equation’ can increase your influence

Getting from 'A' to 'B' Any attempt to influence others needs to start by understanding where they’re coming from.

How to make subscription services ‘stickier’

Don't let them lose that loving feeling A steady income stream has never been so vital.

Attitudes, emotions and behaviors: using social data to drive qualitative insight

“It takes about 10 years to become an overnight success.

What’s ‘Instagramable’? Visual identity in an Instagram world

A… picture… tells… It’s no good. I can’t make myself drag that old cliché out again.

Post-traumatic growth

We want to help you think through the impact Covid-19 is having on people’s attitudes, values and behaviours - now and in the months ahead.

Loud, confused and complex – unpicking consumer attitudes toward ‘Green’ consumerism

'Green' issues, climate change, sustainability and questions about our impact on the world are burning topics right now.

Is the future of fundraising helping people build their brand rather than yours?

We’re a curious bunch and have been looking at some of the consumer trends currently shaping the charity sector.

Not another trends article… Reflections on social and shopping in 2020

We know your inboxes will be flooded with the 2020 predictions about the trends to watch in your market and we feel your pain! At LL+R we’re all feeling less sure about predictions these days: I don’t know what might happen tomorrow let alone next year…  But we wanted to share our thoughts on a couple of things we’ve been noticing lately, in social or other places of inspiration, and a few thoughts on things we anticipate ahead.