“OMG! I fancy the gardener!!!”

Picture this, you’re a relatively new mum.

Why are some people moving away from social listening?

Looking for growth? You could argue that the Insight team’s job is to help kick-start organic growth.

A new way for agencies to win pitches, sell-in campaigns and brief creative

Finding creative opportunities The early stages of the creative process, either for pitching for new business or for selling-in campaign ideas, tends to look a bit like this:

The case for Social Learning

There is a difference between listening and learning.

Learning to groom on the internet. How we turned social commentary into customer insight for Braun

A tricky audience When it comes to talking about how they feel, the male audience can be tricky.

Don’t just count the sprouts, it’s time to think again about what social data’s all about

Up until now most of the conversation about social media research / listening has been about the interactions between brands and consumers.

The day I ran out of Google…

Put something into Google and, usually, you’ll be swamped with results.

Mother knows best: how we listened to mums to learn what they want from food brands

Food advice is everywhere Brands and publishers fill our screens with new diets, food scares and miracle superfoods.

Cost-effective mystery shopping for the hospitality sector

The case for using online reviews Why would one do mystery shopping? From a management or HR point of view, it can serve as a disciplining stick – if staff are aware of mystery shoppers, they are more likely to be on higher alert when attending to guests.