The B Corp diaries (2) – the company soul

I thought we’d be further along. I was naïve when I first started thinking about becoming a BCorp.

In conversation with…Simon Scrivens

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Simon (Chief Marketing Officer for Health & Care at Sodexo) for a number of years.

What makes our approach different?

What makes us stand out?  Two simple ideas.

Going viral: the psychology of how and why we share on social media

It’s 2008. And the boys of South Park are trying to break the internet.

How to market to LGBT+ audiences

Pride month is over.  As the flags come down, there’s a lot to learn.

How social commerce is transforming online shopping experiences

Social media is everywhere. It touches virtually every aspect of our lives.

What I learned from conversations with 15 Research Directors

I’ve just had one of my favourite days of the year. Hands down.

The start of a trend

Once upon a time, there was a young mum named Kathy. She had an idea.

In conversation with… Best advice from the Q&A

We’ve been running our Q&A feature for many years now.

How to appeal to older audiences online

There is one group in society that has a particularly bad reputation online.