Listen + Learn’s guide to Quora

What are some of the best business strategies in history?  Is Marketing a good career choice? When should companies change up their branding? Every day, thousands of Quora users ask questions like these.

An Intern’s Experience at Listen + Learn Research

In this blog post, Ankit, our first ever intern, shares his experience of working with us over the summer.

International Women’s Day at LLR

“In 2006 when I left my professional career, I felt like I was failing at everything, especially being a mom.

In conversation with… Mike Coulter

It's difficult to get hold of Mike. He has so many projects and creative ideas going on at the same time that everyone wants a bit of him, but very few manage.

The Queen’s Gambit and multilingual query writing

“Do you ever go over games in your head? When you’re alone, I mean.

Revealed, the six hidden superpowers of social data

A superpower is something special. Something that separates you from the rest.

We’re hiring… Research Managers

Who are we? We help organisations get closer to their customers and drive change, by using people (not machines) to find human truths from social media.

How to write a better Social Listening query

Have you ever finished the query writing training from your Social Listening provider and found yourself wondering, now what? It all sounds so simple.

Are we missing people with ‘unpopular opinions’?

What caught our eye this week? Kantar’s

The ‘persuasion equation’

Getting from 'A' to 'B' Any attempt to influence others needs to start by understanding where they’re coming from.