What do
we do?
We blend creative and strategic thinking with robust analysis to help our clients cut through the noise in social media.

We develop unique audience Insights by analysing a wide range of social data. It’s social media research that goes way beyond social listening.

We interpret what people really think and feel through the comments they make, the stories they tell, the language they use, and images they share.

We’ll keep it simple. Help you see what this means for you show what the opportunities are and what you could do next Its Social, insight.

Why are we
Social Insight helps you see people in a new, more natural light.

It’s a chance to hear what people want to talk about when you aren’t in the room.

How are we different from Social Listening? Well, we know the limits of automated algorithms, so we use people to understand people.

We read everything. We think about it, understand it and make sense of it. We go between the lines, spot patterns, with a human sensitivity.

We can give you rich insights about your audience and market that you can’t find anywhere else.

Go beyond
"research as
To get depth as well as breadth, our approach combines the best of tech with proven behavioural research techniques.

We apply well-established qualitative research techniques (thematic and discourse analysis) to understand what people mean in the things they create and share on social, or in your customer surveys. This has two main benefits over research as normal:

Natural + unprompted: we remove your questions and influence, revealing what’s really front of mind for consumers expressed in their own terms.

Scale breadth: we explore the conversations of thousands of consumers, literally big qual. This gives noon confidence in the findings which is totally missing from most other qualitative research.

Find out more about what we do and who we have worked with (see our services and case studies).

Social insight in practice
We believe the best way to find insight from social data comes from the following process:

We’ll work with you to define exactly what’s interesting and relevant – and how this is likely to be talked about in social.
It’s about setting clear objectives together.


We’ll then collect social data across a wide range of sources (social networks, forums, blogs, Twitter, Instagram, verbatims etc.). We take care to do this in a neutral way, so as not to steer or exclude potential views.


Next up, we read a sample of the data, identifying the different things people talk about – building this into a thematic, analytical code frame.


We then read the rest of the data, applying our code frame to interpret, structure and find the meaning in thousands of conversations.


This is where we quantify and explain what we’ve found.

We identify and explore frequencies, patterns and relationships in the data. Lots of what, plenty of why.


We then develop a set of emerging themes – then we dig a bit deeper. Exploring the meaning, stories and emotions that lie beneath.


Finally, we synthesise and summarise the insights, identify the opportunities and provide a toolkit of ideas for action.