About us
We are a market research agency with over ten years of experience in helping clients know their customers and inspire change in their business.
Our people

Our talented team of social intelligence professionals are a diverse bunch.

Many have long backgrounds in consumer research, psychology, anthropology, and semiotics. Through to our senior consultants who bring a valuable operational, tactical and strategic perspective. Others grew up agency-side, working in-house, developing business strategies, leading campaigns, heading up insight teams and running our own businesses.
Mix all of these experiences together and we come out with a wide range of complementary skills.

Our team
Hannah Hargreaves
Account Director
Jeremy Hollow
Founder & MD
Kate Reeve
Research Manager
Lilas Ougen
Research Executive
Louise Alestam
Marketing Executive
Maria Rejowicw-Quaid
Research Manager
Micheal Jaxa-Chamiec
Research Director
Priscila Silva
People and Operations Manager
Skye Winslow
Research Manager
Sofia Felix
Research Analyst
Stella Martorana
Research Manager
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Our success is built on the shoulders of our talented team.

If you would like to join us, please send an email with your CV to:

Our values
Working without borders
Social responsibility
Employee wellbeing
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